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Hot Compost, Singing Swamp, Vue à Poelp dans le cadre de l´exposition

Sweet B.I.O.S. avec Rachel Cholz, Brussel, 2022

Acceptance of the Broken

Eine Ursuppe
diving into deep mud
en Licht

Free Floating Love
Free Floating Anxiety

Pain, Fear, Anger
and other dear friends

bubbeln naar de oppervlakte

She mutters little words
of encouragement
and has the calm of a woman
who knows her worth

Ongoing processes

Integrating all parts

And Acceptance of the Broken


Octavia Butler's head was as big as a cathedral. 

Her head was the church.

We sat down together.

I asked her if I could be part of her Gang and she answered:

“if it is for the right reasons”.

Later I encountered the Ooloi.

The Ooloi can manipulate genetic material.

The Ooloi showed me how to heal myself.

Shame was inside of me somewhere beneath the heart chakra.

Now it is outside, floating 15 centimeters in front of me.

Es schwebt da im Raum.

Es ist nicht sehr dense.

Fluffy, fast durchsichtig.

I realized that everything is fluidity, the concept of Fluidity, no matter at all. I can densifie Fluidity and bring something into being. Or I can as well not bring it into being. Nothing exists. There is no shame unless I densify it.

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